WRAP WITH ME | DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas [that are eco-friendly!]

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas that are Eco-Friendly! Come Wrap With Me as I get some real and decorative presents ready for the holidays! We are not experts when it comes to eco friendly, sustainable, or zero waste living, but we are doing our best to reduce waste and single use plastics, and using eco friendly DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas is one quick and easy change we can make!

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Bailey G

Sorry, one more comment. For those of you that love to create your own wall art, these two papers can be used to create the most amazing snd high end looking pieces of wall art. I think it’s DIY with KB here on YouTube that did one spectacular piece using this paper. I’m doing mine today but how cool would it be to wrap your gifts in the paper, THEN use it to create a piece of art with it for everyone to enjoy?