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How a Non Slip Yoga Mat Can Help You

Yoga is an exercise regime which is meant to stimulate a certain area or areas in the body to produce chemicals to fight diseases that are latent. Yoga originally was invented by a sage from ancient India, however some say that yoga originates from other ancient civilizations. It is true that yoga is old, but the worldwide opinion of its source many not be under consensus.

Personal Space

Yoga was originally done on plain soil; however, today, people are not very comfortable to sit in dirt and sand. Rather, they choose mats so they do not have to sit on the floor directly. It has the obvious advantage of keeping clothes and parts of the body clean. However, another advantage of yoga mats is that it allows a person to carve his or her personal space; his boundary which he would not like anyone to enter. Such a concept is more prevalent in the West and it would be nearly impossible to make such a definition of personal space on bare ground.

Slipping vs. Non Slip Yoga Mat

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There is a great variety of yoga mats; you will find rubber mats, cotton mats, imported mats, cheap imitation mats and the non slip yoga mat. The non slip yoga mat is a great way to do yoga (more so for the novice) because it does not move on the floor every time someone practices a position or asana on it. The fact that it is a non slip yoga mat helps when the yoga position is complicated.

Apart from this factor, all mats are the same; there is nothing more or less important. The only advantage of the non slip yoga mat is that it does not shift at all when performing difficult yoga asanas which is a great help for the student and the teacher who gets less distracted with trainees slipping around the studio floor!

The non slip yoga mat is washable at home and totally maintenance free. As such it is a very good investment to make. Exerts rate it better than rubber or cotton yoga mats, because even though the latter airy and easily washable, they can be extremely slippery at times.

The yoga mat is one of the most important pre-requisite for beginning a yoga regimen, hence you should be very careful in what you chose; this will influence your exercising capacity, understanding, and affinity towards yoga. If you look at it from this angle, the non slip yoga mat is a great buy!

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