Pneumatic Pruning Shears Must Be Treated with Care

Jitterbug Air Pruning Shear Scissors

Pneumatic pruning shears can make the job easier. The power supplied by the pneumatic design will make it easier on your arms because of the reduce cutting action but the extra weight and pneumatic action make the pneumatic pruning shears a tool that must be treated with extra care.

It is important that you choose, care for and use your pneumatic shears with care. Pneumatic pruning shears are power tools that must be treated carefully so that there are no accidents. These shears must be handled with the greatest care because essentially, pneumatic pruning shears are like large powered scissors.

Pneumatic Power Action

A pneumatic pruning shears are powered by compressed air. This compressed air makes its easier to use the pruning shears because the compressed air gives power to the cutting action. You do not have to squeeze the shears manually to perform the cutting action because the pneumatic action powers the shears so that they will do the cutting action automatically when the tool is turned on. You only have to hold the pneumatic shears correctly and aim it where you want the pruning action.

Holding Pneumatic Pruning Shears

When you hold pneumatic pruning shears, it is important that you maintain a strong grip on the tool to avoid dropping the tool and to keep your feet, hands and body safe. You may find support gadgets that allow you to hold the tool for longer periods. If you have any weakness in your hands, wrists or arms, it is important that you find the proper support to help you hold this pneumatic garden tool. Pneumatic pruning shears will be heavier than the pruning shears that are not pneumatic.

When you are carrying pneumatic shears, do not carry the tool by the hose and avoid any obstacles that may cause you to fall. Always use such shears according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Protect Yourself

For improved safety, you should wear protective clothing. By wearing a face shield or goggle, gloves and safety boots or shoes, you will reduce your chance of being injured by the pneumatic tool. Warn anybody in the area that you will be using the pneumatic pruning shears so that they can avoid the area as much as possible until the job is done.

Caring for Pneumatic Tools

If you keep the supply of compressed air to the tool clean, you will find the tool stays in better shape because of the reduced moisture, dirt and any corrosive fumes. You should regularly maintain the tool by cleaning and lubricating the pneumatic shears according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Your pneumatic pruning shears can do an excellent job for you, if you treat this power tool with care. You can avoid any accidents by take the correct precaution regarding handling the tool, using the tools, cleaning and maintenance of the tool. Your pneumatic pruning shears will work for you for a long time, if you treat them right.